“Passion, Creatice, Responsibility”

Welcome to Junghoon Air Co.,Ltd.

With its steady growth since its foundation in 1996, from establishing a corporation in Feb 2001,
constructing a new office building in 2017,
Junghoon Air CO.,Ltd. has always been constantly adapting to rapid changes and challenging to strengthen our competencies.

The most suitable air conditioning system including system air conditioner, thermos-hygrostat, AHU, centrifugal chiller,
screw chiller and more are being designed, proposed, installed and constructed for customers’ sites through our know-how.

More and more interests are brought globally in regards of energy conservation.
In line with global interest, we take part in energy conserving projects ran by government to provide
and bring more efficiency in energy conserving.

“Customer Friendly”, “Responsible”, and “Leading Energy Conserving” have always been key values for our organization’s
dedication constructing air conditioning systems for 40 years to customer satisfaction and which Junghoon will bear in the
future while developing and broaden our capacity.

Junghoon Air Co.,Ltd. will be a company that always develops, grows, and thinks.

Thank you.


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